As kids, we are gullible and take every myth or  prank the elders tell to fool us around to be true. Somehow, life then is full of things to wonder about, more like a wonderland.
But Alas! as we grow up, we realize that the wonders we wondered about were nothing more than lies, the fables we feared were nothing but mom's tricks to make us do what she wanted.
And somehow we either wish we never grew up to unlearn and let go of the wonderful stories that amazed us, or simply look back and take a laugh at how stupid we would've once been to be hoaxed into deliberate lies.
Below are the 12 lies/ stories that we as kids believed to be true:
1. Maggie Noodles in Two minutes
2. Babies come from kissing or left by fairies
3.  Heart is heart shaped.
4. Richy Rich is the richest person in the world
5. Fair and lovely whitens your skin.
6. Telling lies would swell your nose
7.  Drinking Tea will make you dark
8. Behave Yourself, Otherwise The Police Will Catch You
9. Swallowing seeds would make plants grow in your stomach.
11. Tide Kare Kapdo Ko White
12. Bata is an Indian brand