Well, we all at times sleep in awkward positions. Like crouching onto bed in winters. Or half the torso resting on the bed while the rest of us spilling over the floor, as if we were too gigantic or the bed were too small to contain our petite selves.
But we have here to introduce to you our mighty and ruthless contenders, who have mastered the art of sleeping in really stupid and unimaginable fashion. Needless to say they are not humans, and any sensible human would definitely not try such hilarious slumber positions unless too willing for embarrassment.
Cat and Dog
The cats just love a slothful sleep:
10] Wish I could get those socks to wear. My paws are so damn cold!
Cat 7
9] It's safe like this. Unity is strength - even during sleep.
Cat 4
8] I always wanted this pair of sandals. Well.. now I get to  take a ride.
Cat 3
7] I wish I were the superman, even if it were in sleep.
Cat 5
6] Dude, just keep guessing if I'am dead or alive. Couldn't make a guess, well this thing is called 'Shavasana'.
Cat 2
5] Yes,I sleep this way. You got any problem with that?
Cat 11
4] What a long day it was!
Cat 9
3] Well, scamper off. Don't you disturb me while I'm dreaming.
Cat 1
2]  Let's lift paws in the air and snore....
Cat 6
1] I am a cat-monk. I meditate in my sleep. It works wonders for inner peace. You see.
Cat 10
If the cats could do it, then why would the dogs lag behind:
1] Don't you dare laugh at me. It's a new therapy for treating my insomnia.
Dog 2
2] I am not dead, you idiot. I got dumped last night, was depressed and so went for a booze and now....
Dog 3
3] No trespassing. This is private property.
 Dog 1
4] Well. ..I am a gymnastic champ.
Dog 11
5] I just love to smell the floor. Even if that makes me sleep upside down.
Dog 4
6] I'm a fish. I always wanted to be a fish. God knows how I ended up a dog.
Dog 8
7] I have all my assets covered even when I'm asleep.
Dog 10
8]  Let me not put my delicate butts down! It's breezy up there.
Dog 7
9] It's too hot around here, dude.
Dog 6
10]  Can you touch your head and toe. O really! Why don't you try once?
Dog 5