Our lives, today, are so much centered around the internet that it has faded into the background of our daily life. But, we still severely underestimate the use of the internet so much that we do not know most of the wonderful things it can do.
We can not imagine our lives without Facebook and Instagram, but trust us, it is only half the fun. The other side is yet to be explored.
Here, we bring you a whole different side of the internet that is yet to get popular but is unbelievably useful.
1. Tired after work, don't know what the f*** to cook for dinner? Here, try this.
2. Do not seek recommendations from friends about movies. Instead, go on agoodmovietowatch.com. These people will tell you which movie you would want to watch depending on your mood. (How cool is that!)
pt 2
3. If you want to make any webpage printer friendly, here's your deal.
pt 3
4. Create and share your OWN maps. Yes, you read it right. scribblemaps.com a allows you to create and share maps with your friends.
pt 4
5. Worried when your FedEx package will reach? Don't, anymore. Just provide your tracking number and boxoh.com will take care of it.
pt 5
6. Shop directly from insanely creative artists from around the world. They will help you with gift ideas for every occasion.( Since Valentine's day is just around the corner you might want this one.) Etsy.com
pt 6
7. canistream.it allows you to find out where you can stream a movie or a tv show. You will never miss out on any of your favorite tv shows now.
pt 7
8. From Vases and Jars to workbenches, you can create anything with instructables.com . Now, get set and bring out the builder in you.
pt 8
9. Know about the etymology of any word using etymonline.com.
pt 9
10. Want to know if any folklore is true, or you were just fooled in the childhood? Verify all the rumors here.
pt 10
11. Make screencasts and share them with your friends using screenr.com
pt 11
12. shortreckonings.com allows you to keep track of shared expenses. It is very easy to use and ad-free.
pt 12
13. Learn just about anything and everything with humour and imagination. Try this amazing website- www.memrise.com
pt 13
14. A great tool for online collaboration, sync.in helps multiple people to edit the document, any change made alters the doc for everyone.
pt 14
15. picmonkey.com, an online image editor helps in editing pics. You can create beautiful Facebook covers using this website. Make your friends envious of your Facebook profile.
pt 9