Every foodie loves to try out new places! But you don't have to be a foodie to try out these unusual and intriguing restaurants. The ambiance they provide their customers with is a reason enough to check them out.
With the surging competition and further surging number of new entrants into the industry, every restaurateur is trying his best bit to capture the interest of masses through not just food but uncanny themes to offer a dining experience that satisfies more than your taste buds.
1. Nature's Toilet Cafe, Ahmedabad
Heard of Nature's calling, but here the nature's calling may be food! Another must visit place to check out, a completely out of the box theme. Where you can eat and excrete (apparently) at the same time.  LOL!
2. Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai
Although the food is rated average, the restaurant is a must visit because of its unusually set environment. You may think its a movie set, but its way better, to add to the ambiance the staff are dressed as jailers and kaidis.
3. 70 mm, Hyderabad
It's all about Bollywood. The restaurant has recreated the large screen cinema for movie fans.
4. The Bar Stock Exchange, Mumbai
Stock market in a pub? Yes, the price of drinks change according to their popularity, as the popularity of the drinks increase the price also increases.
5. Taste of Darkness, Hyderabad
Want to know how the blind live? Another must visit place which provides its customers with an unusual experience of darkness.