Exams are around the corner and nervousness is at its peak. The nerds would be hugging their books while the other students would be trying their best, and then there is you. You are determined to study and score good. Its probably the last day to study and you want to get down with your books and start right away.
But the distractions are no less, from taking a quick shower to updating your Facebook status or even watching an episode of Friends, there are distractions everywhere.
The usual plan on the previous day of the exam is reckoned such:
Total time left: 24 hours
Time left excluding nap time, pee time, Bombay Times: 18 hours
No. of chapters left: 17
Which implies 1 hour a chapter + 1 hour for revision. Which sounds more than good??
But is the planning executed with as much brilliance as it was formulated with??
Checkout the video below to find the vicious circle in which you're trapped every time you decide to study for the examinations.