How much worse could it get? Child marriage, Sati, Dudh-pitti (female infanticide), Rape, Acid victim..... and as if this all wasn't enough in the long list of torture that opposite sex went through, what a man (yeah, a man bereft of masculinity) did - he buried his daughter alive in an attempt to murder her, why? Simple, he hated that child as what he ever wanted was a SON.
On Friday afternoon,  people of Putia village - located in proximity of India-Bangladesh border - witnessed this dreadful crime.
Pradip Dey (Senior Police officer) who carried-out the investigation said:
"We received a call from a villager telling us that a man was trying to kill his daughter by burying her alive. Our team immediately reached the house and found Rukshena.
We rescued her and arrested Abul Hussein for attempted murder. He is now in judicial custody until his trial.
Hussein's hatred for girls motivated him to execute this inhuman deed when his wife was far away from home.
He dug a pit in his backyard garden and threw the 10-year innocent in it; her hands cuffed with ropes and mouth tapped. Hussein then filled her with mud up-to her chest level. But when luck outdid him - realizing that his wife had returned home, Hussein allegedly placed a bamboo-drum over his daughter's head, intending to bury her later.
Unable to find her only child, the mother became worried and started questioning Hussein. But from his unsatisfying answers, she reached out for neighbours seeking help.
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When the neighbours found Ruskshena buried in the backyard, they thrashed Hussein up before calling up the local police. Ruskshena was admitted into a local hospital due to suffocation and fever, but was discharged after few days.
Amal Chakraborty, the officer-in-charge of the local police station added to this incident;
"Abul Hussein was roughed up by the people who rescued the girl from half-buried condition. Considering his week physical condition, the court sent him to Judicial Custody for four days reserving directive on our plea for police-remand."
Why is the emotion of  hatred and disgust attached with a newly born female child? Why is it that a woman who is solely responsible for continuation of a particular family gets thrashed and is seen as a "mediocre commodity" in so called - MALE DOMINATING MODERN SOCIETY?
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And after all such revolutionary attempts with campaigns like Beti Bachao, Beti Padao, etc the old-age mentality that was supposed to be eradicated; it appears to me that it isn't and is still deeply rooted inside us. And my convictions can be confirmed from witnessing such occurrences as keep making a headline now and then.
What we could say to a person like Abut Hussein is - you have to be at the pinnacle of  dumbness, blindness and deafness so as to not witness what marvels today's free, independent and ingenious (I admit it, my sister is much smarter then me... but i am damn proud of her) women are doing.
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