As much as we love our country, we all have some inside jokes, something embarrassing, little or big, hiding in our closet. Here is an exploration of a few of these.

1. Pressing both the buttons to call an elevator

Pressing the same button many times, to call the lift will not magically speed up the lift. Secondly, why would we press both the ‘up’ and the ‘down’ button together? Most Indians have this ridiculous habit of pressing both the buttons. If you wish to go ‘up’ press the ‘up’ button and if you wish to go ‘down’ press the ‘down’ button! Pressing both buttons will end up confusing the lift and who knows it might just get stuck and then you would have to take the staircase. Also, that last line was a joke, but you get the message, right?

2. Honking when stuck in a traffic jam

Traffic Jams are a common sight in most countries around the world. We Indians, however have our own way of negotiating these blockages. Why use  our brain when we can simply honk at the car ahead of us even though we know that there is nothing he can do to clear the holdup! It is so much more easier to wait for the congestion to get cleared up at its own pace instead of adding on to the existing chaos by honking like there is no tomorrow!

3. Putting on fake accents while talking to foreigners

We, Indians have always been big fans of the western culture. We want to do everything that they do, starting from purchasing branded clothes to putting on fake accents to impress others. Speaking in an 'American accent' is considered 'cool' by the younger generation and we often come across people who change their accent while speaking to foreigners, in a miserable attempt to please them. What we do not realize is that it is our original accent that makes us Indians and we should be proud of it.

4. Shopping from international brands

'Imported'. We see that word and we are ready to turn the world upside down to have the 'imported' product. An 'imported Saree' for that matter, do we not realize that 'Saree' is of Indian origin? Apparently purchasing a product made by a foreign manufacturer is considered to be 'high class'. We will purchase a costly 'imported' product even though the same product made by an Indian manufacturer is available at half the price!

5. Competing with the neighbor

"My neighbor has bought a new car, I must purchase a car bigger and better than the one the has just bought! " All of us have experienced this. Doing exactly what the neighbor does or trying to be better than the neighbor has a trademark characteristic of every Indian. We really need to use our brains and try to figure out what is best for us, instead of blindly competing with your neighbor!