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If you are a book lover, I do not need to sell this to you. Probably you've read most of these. Here you go.

1. Kite Runner

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It will melt your heart; change your perceptions about “kabuli wallah’s”. Afghanistan was not Talibanised since big bang, it was once prosperous, cosmopolitan and a secular country. It is a semi-autobiography.

2. Train to Pakistan

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If you want to know how seeds of mistrust were implanted between the communities during partition then this is the book you can’t miss. Best work of Khushwant Singh (official father of Santa Banta).

3. Harry Potter and forget everything else

I never believed in magic, but after reading and re-reading and re-reading it (till I knew which para had what), I came to believe that all the books of this series were bewitched to get you hooked.

4. The Godfather

Most people have only seen the movie, but reading will take the experience to a next level.

5. Lord of the Rings

It may take you a semester, along with acute neck pain (you can’t sit on chair for whole day) to finish, but reading it is worth the effort. It will stay with you for a long time.

6. Feluda Stories of Satyajit Ray

We know him, as a director who made his mark at the Oscars, but this protégée of Rabindranath was a master spinner of stories too.

7. Calico Joe

It’s a lesser known novel from John Grisham (failed lawyer–cum–best–seller author), because it is not based on courtroom drama. It is based on forgiveness and the difficult father-son relation. Its end will send a chill down your spine.

8. Girl with the dragon Tattoo

The title is a bit offbeat. It’s a work of fiction inspired by some real events .The book is originally in Swedish, but its translators have done justice with the work. Author didn’t live long enough to see its rise on the bestseller chart. Did I mention author was a hard core feminist?

9. Geisha

In layman terms, it is a Japanese version of Umrao Jan, but with a lot more of imagination. It’s a first-hand account of a Geisha (A sophisticated escort) her life story right from her birth to the time she was revered around the world.

10 Angels and Demons

It takes you back to the world of ancient secret societies which changed the course of our history. How Robert (the protagonist) solves various riddles and puzzles on which depend the life of millions and the faith of billions will give you goosebumps. Simply Un-put-down-able