Delhi Poetry Slam is  a group that has been wowing audiences since 2013 , by organizing gigs, concert nights and youth-based events. Performers in a slam can deploy means of stand-up comedy, song writing, theatre, storytelling or cold hard poetry to wheedle points out of the audience.
St. Stephens College Student Rene Sharanya Verma, a part of The Delhi Poetry Slam, gives a befitting reply to Honey Singh shouting out the message loud and clear that women are not jut about  'HYPNOTIZING BLUE EYES' and 'BOMB SHELL FIGURE' in a language that he understands best.
Offended by the humiliating and insensitive language Honey Singh callously makes use of in his raps, several petitions were signed to ban his concert in Delhi too.
Checkout how audaciously this simple looking girl berates Honey Singh in his face for the objectification of women.