Our behaviour in private is quite different from what we showcase in public. There's something about being unaccompanied and solo that stirs up the wild side of people or rather the real one, the fun loving side. Our social persona gets compromised when no one's watching around, and it is then that people start doing crazy things.
Defying the fear of judgement and the culminating verdict from people, one tends to his true innate tendencies in moments of privacy. For fun is all about being yourself. Right or Wrong is immaterial.
Here are 15 peculiar things people do to celebrate their privacy:
15]   Shaking it like Shakira
shaking booty
14]   Clicking selfies in really odd positions
selfie maniac
13]   Looking at one's own poop in toilet before flushing it out
12]    Enjoying the bass and aroma of your own fart
farting and laughing
11]     Fantasizing
10]    Oh! that mesmerizing smell of underarms
underarm smell
9]   Spending inordinate amounts of time on the toilet, just because it’s sweet and perfect ‘alone time’
loo time
  8] Aiming it high
7] Enjoying itch
itching in butt
6] Burping galore
burp loud
5] Running naked in house
running naked
4] Making weird faces
funny faces
3] Babbling with mirror
chatter box
2]    Digging their nose and then scientifically analyzing the content
Nose picking
1]    Imitating a porn star
sexual maniac