Often we skip channels when the advertisements appear on our television. Let's accept that we, as a viewer, consider ads a nuisance in our tv experience. But some of the advertisements are so witty and funny that you'd want to skip to the ads. Here, we bring you some of the most amazing television ads that are so creative that missing them is just not right. Here, check out these interesting advertisements that totally nailing it in marketing.
1. Old Spice India- Mantastic Man
The stunner that Milind Soman is, he smites to your soul in this very creative commercial.
2. Mahindra Live Young, Live Free - TV Ad
There's something truly adventurous and soul rejuvenating about this commercial. It;s the jungle & the jingle perhaps.
3. 7UP Kathakali 
O the beat! And the groove about this humour filled commercial is what let this commercial stand out.
4. Award winning Indian ad Respect the National Anthem
This one's to the patriotic fervour for the National Anthem and the touching emotion attached to it.
5. Kindle Paperwhite ad
The ad that is capturing all Indian hearts. With a beautiful song and emotions, it touches a raw nerve among us all.
6. Philips Widescreen TV Ad
Only the widescreen on Philips tv could exhaust the two lovers who run towards each other. This ad will leave you laughing out loud.
7. The TBZ garland ad
A beautiful wedding scene put up with love, with just a hint of humor makes for a lovely advertisement.
8. The Mother dairy ad
The unrelenting love of a mother could not be put into a better frame.
9. Tanishq Wedding Film
Touching on a very sensitive topic of re-marriage, this advertisement finds home in our hearts.
10. Google Reunion Ad
Now, this is a masterpiece. It has been gaining popularity ever since it was aired. Nobody can watch it without a hint of moisture in their eyes.