While everyone is busy criticizing and dissecting the AIB Roast Knockout incident, we took some time to appreciate some of AIB's lesser controversial works. This one is a tribute to some of the best advertisement jingles from the time you were a little kid.
When you look back at some of the most iconic advertisements from the 90s, you cannot help but feel how timeless those jingles were. So much so, that if you heard some of those even now, you would instantly feel a strong connection to them. Although everyone boasts about how things from their childhood were "classic" and "timeless", these jingles have stuck with us for over a decade.
Without further ado, have a look at the video.
Also, pay attention to the fine details in the video, like which ad has been combined with which one, the subtle text sprinkled across the video. This goes on to prove how well thought the basic concept of video has been, and how insanely creative these people are.
My personal favorite part from this video was starting 1:05 minutes. Don't miss that for anything!
PS: If you're new to this music form, it's called a-capella. It is an extremely popular form of performance across the world.