With industries pushing harder & smarter to woo the consumers in herds and hives , the mode of TV commercials has come to stand out as the most promising and responsive one. It is reported that about 75-80% of audience are lured into buying stuffs through emotionally appealing commercials broadcasted through TV, internet and radio.  And you thought all you were doing is just watching an ad!
From cosmetics to condoms, advertisers pay huge sums for an advertisement that can hunt down a potential customer base. 'Curiosity' and 'taboo' are the two secret ingredients used to make up a highly successful commercial today. While some pass on broadcast standards, some get banned.
Contrary to what you may think, a banned commercial goes more viral than an average one. Oh, don't tell me you never saw a banned commercial that you were not supposed to see.
We lay out before you top 15 of outrageous and hysterically funny commercials that were banned for obvious reasons. Let's see if you can figure out the reasons part:

1] Girl On The Copier - Double A Paper Commercial

2] What's this man looking at? - Sweden's Expressen newspaper commercial


3] Haha! This could be mind blasting - Time Foto Commercial

4] You gotta see what part of the body she used for bottle opener - Tooheys beer commercial

5] Share the rainbow and taste the rainbow- Skittles Commercial

6] Truly Hilarious! Dad or Mom?  - CIA athletic get in shape commercial

7] Push.. Push.. Push.. But not so hard -  Xbox Commercial

8] SUCH Rivalry - Mac's Anti-Microsoft commercial

9] This tragic love story made me blub - Bridgestone Dog-Suicide Commercial

10] Contentment is just 2 minutes away - Korean noodles commercial: