Ah, Game of Thrones. The perennial show that everybody cool nowadays watches. The show that makes even Supernatural seem like the discussions of a pair of blubbering teenagers.
But why is it this popular? Why is it so good? Lets take a look, and see whether there's more than just hot air within this series.

1. Unpredictability

With the wealth of comedy shows available at our disposal, when our mood turns serious, we don’t settle down to watch Jenna Hamilton debate about her latest crushes
when we all know the end result, or watch Supernatural’s perennial Winchester Brothers argue over yet another mythical concept that none of us quite understand.
Bros Before Hoes
Yeah, totally.
Instead, we could watch the intrigues of the Lord of Light, or the White Walkers, and the Watchers on the Wall. (que picture of Jon Snow). With Ned Stark’s death, dragons born, shadows stabbing, and Starks dying faster than mayflies, you never know what’ll happen next…and you’re always left wanting to watch just one more episode.
Mother Knows Best

2. Relatability

Everybody wants to believe they're a hero. I mean, who didn't imagine himself as Robb Stark, bearded, vengeful, and totally hot.
Kim In the North!
No not you, Kim... oh darnit.
But there has to be some reality about the story. You can't just have Robb actually turn into a wolf and kill people. However, being so fierce that thats the story thats told about him is definitely on the cards.
Compare this to a random chick called Jenna Hamilton, with no obvious good looks, a whining nasal voice, and a tendency towards the lowest possible self esteem ever!
I'm a mess
And she gets two hottest guys in school to fight over her. And cheat on one of them with a third hot guy. And then have the first hot guy still want her, even though she decided she wants the third hot guy.
That's totally gonna happen.

3. Sexuality

Yeah...we were all thinking it. Gonna be no pics under this particular section, people :) I'm sure your imagination is more than enough.
Game Of Thrones set a new bar for the amount of sexuality in a TV show. The sexuality in a TV show, can be taken on a scale from Man Vs Wild, to True Blood. At least, before Game of Thrones, which took aim with a bazooka and blew True Blood hard. Figuratively...

4. Peter Dinklage / Tyrion Lannister.

Rarely do you ever see an actor turning every single line into pure uttered beauty.
Tyrion Lannister
Tyrion Lannister

5. Millions, and millions, and millions, of incredibly humorous, memorable, quotable, and enjoyable memes....

There you have a rather big nutshell... why Game of Thrones is so popular. It doesn't only have any one of those qualities, which would be enough in itself, but happens to possess every single one of them, in undiluted pure potential :)
Now if you'll excuse me...winter is coming..and I have Season 4 to finish before it does.