1. Love is going to hurt.

Very badly. As I told a friend of mine...every single love affair ends in heartbreak, before, or after, marriage.
Yet we go through this rigmarole of complicated social rituals because we believe, that somewhere, over the rainbow, is happiness.
Is it worth going through this? The question is pointless. Most of us will. And some of us, do, at the end achieve happiness. But no matter who we are, love will hurt. Love will always, at some point of time in your life, hurt.

2. Love will take time. Lots of time.

From your first halting words ever spoken to a girl you liked, to the walk down the aisle(or the walks around the flame), its gonna be a long long time before the pangs of love and finding somebody to spend your life with leave your side.

3. Love is always going to be different to everybody.

But the only two relationships that will ever have the sort of intensity that will make your heart feel like it wants to fall out of your chest, are the first relationship, and the right relationship. (I wanted to say last here, but sometimes the right relationship is not always the last.)

4. There is always going to be more than one right relationship,

....but you will only ever have one first relationship, so make it count.

5. Love isn't sweet, apart from the initial rush.

Its hard, painful, frustrating, messed up, and a lot of other words that are not fit for the general public. It is NOT a sweet poison. Thats alcohol. Or poison with sugar in it.
However, it does make every breath a little scarier, every color a little brighter. Every second, a little longer.
So go out there. Find love. But don't beat yourself up about it if you don't. Love is not the be-all and end all of life. It's just something that people sometimes need to be happy.
Because HAPPINESS, is what life is all about. Love is just a step to get there.
Its a damn big step though.