Ah...friends. Such a common word these days, one Facebook picked up for its social style, one that everybody uses at the end of a breakup. ("We can still be friends? After you destroyed my faith in humanity, broke every single promise you made, and ate my ice cream sundae? Friends?? Really?? Ok, rant over.")
So scroll down, for a quick list of the most common type of friends. Everybody has at least one friend under each of these categories. Or you're a bird.
No, thats not what we meant...
Moving on, lets jump straight into it. The first type of friend you have all encountered is....*drum roll*

1. The Dirty Friend

Also...not what we meant. No the picture we wanted is...
Yeah, thats more like it.
No matter what the scenario is, this guy/girl will always find a way to double entendre everything. (Thats double meaning for you non-frenchies!) Every second sentence, they'll just look at you and scream "THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!!". Right.
Yeah, thats more like it! Well done.
You'll soon start turning into one of these yourself. When somebody says "We need him to put it in before morning so she can take over." you'll soon stop believing that its database information they're talking about.

2. The Dependable Friend

This is the heart of your social life. No matter what the problem is, who's at fault, or whether you really did steal their peanut butter, they will always be ready with support, plans, and more peanut butter. Never lose them, they are what make your life bearable.
So no, cats are not classified under this criterion.
Yeah... cats...

3. The Hilarious Friend

This one is the one who might as well be an entire comedy TV show wrapped into one. Whenever you're feeling down, you put him on the phone, and laugh till your sides ache. And then some more. They have more sense of humor than the US has debt.
This person would mail you stuff like this:

4. The Romantic Friend

Well, firstly, this one is more like....this one.
Need to impress somebody on a first date? No problem! Call this one. He/she knows everything about love, first hand. They may or may not be right, but they're always willing to try! And you can always be the dependable friend to them when their latest crush ignores them.

5. The Random Friend

The friend who randomly breaks into a rendition of Hozier's Take me to Church in the middle of the mid semester exams. The friend who breakdances to Comedy Nights with Kapil and responds to all insults with "Your face!" and then dissolves helplessly into laughter. This is that guy.
The guy most likely to be on the other side of this text conversation.
And the guy most likely to send you stuff like this...
Like I said. Random.
So go. Classify all your friends into these 5 stereotypes. And then figure out where you belong.
You might surprise yourself :)