One may say age is just a number. But it is definitely not so for women stepping into what they imagine as an apocalypse. The mighty 30! Titles like PYT(Pretty Young Thing) do not fit any more. Their outlook towards life is undergoing a sea change. Women in their late twenties are already on panic mode that the number is slowly kicking in. Read on to know certain things that ascertain this ageing crisis.
1. They find themselves lying about their age more often than not.
2. Whenever they reminisce about their past to narrate a story, they begin with “When I was in college,” only to be rudely awakened to the fact that that was a decade or more ago.
3. They are constantly bombarded with unsolicited advice from the most distant of aunts on how childbirth can get difficult after 30 and why they need to “plan to settle down.”
4. They feel lost among a pack of teenagers since they are trying too hard to figure out teen slang and its underlying meanings!
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5. They can’t seem to tolerate loud music and action-packed movies, which they enjoyed just a year ago. Talk about the psychological effects of the mighty 30!!
7. Their visits to malls and cool hangouts are now completely replaced by visits to temples; all the seven days of the week dedicated to different deities.
8. The panic shoots to its peak if they happen to be single. Men are all they are seeking.
9. Their social network profiles suddenly change from being reflections of their party animal instincts to that of philosophical quotes and notes.
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