Mood Indigo, also known as Moodi is the annual cultural fest of Indian Institute of technology, Mumbai.
Every year, thousands of students from colleges across India come to attend this fest and participate in the various competitions that are held here.
One of the highlight events is the 'B4Battleground'(Street Dance), which witnesses amazing talents from across the country. With the rapid growth of Street Dance culture in India, these crews bring something new to the table every year, which makes it even more amazing.
From among the many crews which participated, below are the four, who made it to the finals of this event.
So sit back and enjoy the show!!!
1.Dynamic Dance Crew
This crew was formed in 2012 as Dynamic Soul Crew by Swapp(Swapnil Patil), well known for popping, robotics, animation. Later on in 2013 its named changed to Dynamic Dance Crew
2.Famous Crew
FAM.O.U.S (Family Of United Swaggers) is an All/Mixed Street Styles Dance crew from Mumbai(India).
Established on 06-04-2013, This Unison was initiated by the Crew Leader Abhishek Das.
3.Street Buck Crew
A crew from BMCC, Pune formed by Rishikesh Shahane.
4.The Knights Crew
The Crew from BMCC, Pune who never fail to amaze..Known for their different styles and super energy on the floor, the Crew was formed by Rex(Rahul Suryavanshi)