Being a mom, do you get questioned often as to why couldn't you get a simple household chore done in time. At the end of long and treacherous job of dish washing, sweeping, rearranging toys, etc do you still feel that the checklist is still incomplete, the work is still undone and instead of dedicating all you could, the simple day to day chores have just got piled up even more than before.

Have you started to doubt your efficiency and ability of being a supermom? Well don't you let perplexity sting you, we know the real culprit behind all the mess. A cute and cuddly culprit indeed!

The video below best demonstrates why an average mother can never get any chores completed on time:

To nurture their kid is a duty as well as a full time job that no parents can abstain from. Parents' temperament may as well get agitated with naughty playfulness of their child, but at the end of the day its just a family memorabilia. All I have to say is that a child's curiosity is insatiable and difficult to put rein on, the only solution is to let them free and mess with everything and anything they can get their hands on - even if that gets your ears puffing out smoke by adding up even more responsibility on your overburdened shoulders.