They say everything that is ever born is born out of clay, so true! Considering our ancient Indian civilization where several artifacts have been excavated that were predominantly used in that era, clearly portrays about the ample use of clay in day to day lifestyle of medieval men.
From utensils made out of clay to toys that were the only source for childhood education, an individual from that era was profusely in contact with clay than with modern metal... and was happier than ever. But now, what remains is the diminishing legacy of earthen goods. Though the earthen pots made out of mud are still viable in their existence... but till when?
Amidst these all there are some individuals who have still thrived to maintain their culture and tradition. They have made those practices as a means of income, and guess what they are doing better than ourĀ  9 to 5 jobs.
What you will witness today is not only how a common clay can be converted into a magnificent masterpiece, but also the practice, the dedication and the passion that is devoted to carve something great out of literally nothing.
At the end, this men will make you believe that human imagination and creativity has no boundaries:
1] Everything starts from zero, for him its an open canvas:
2] A bit tapering here and a bit there
3] His hands are accustomed to detailing
4] Alright, I see a hand of lizard, probably scratching her stomach. What is it?
5] Alright an inverted ice-cream, I get it. But where is artistic thing in here?
6] He is back to square one. Let's leave it to him
7] Hold on, I see some legs there
8] And a mouth?
9] Whose mouth is it? An alligators?
10] Geez! its a dragon
11] Oh common, not again with that rolling thing
12] Now that leg doesn't seems sober to me, does it?
13] The level of details for individual scaling is jaw dropping
14] And there goes the paint. But still I can't get away with the dragons head
15] WTF! that's amazing. Period.
Did you figured it out that such an incredible thing would come out of nothing but just a clay?