Seeing the headline, you might have understood, what this article is all about !!
Well, Most of you might have seen or atleast read about the Oscars, which is an annual American Award Ceremony, that honours the best of the artists in the field of CINEMA.
In a Cricket frenzied country like ours, what if we had our very own Oscars, and that too in the field of CRICKET. Sounds interesting ???
Lets check out the list of cricketers who are talented enough to get an Oscar for their efforts, on and off the field..

# Best Actor - Virat Kohli

The new poster boy of Indian cricket. With his style combined with talent on the field, he is the most suitable individual for the Best Actor Award.

# Best Actor in a Negative Role -  Ashish Nehra

With his antics on the field, Ashish Nehra has had to face a lot of wrath from the Indian supporterss
Hence,  he is the best choice for an Actor in a negative role..
Nehra the villain

# Best Action - Yuvraj Singh

The fighter of Indian cricket, be it on the field or off the field. Where there is yuvi, surely there will be a lot of action.
King Yuvi

# Best Lyrics - Ishant Sharma

The tall lanky fast bowler from Delhi is as aggressive as anybody else.
During matches, he has been caught on the microphone, abusing and intimidating the opposition.
So the Best lyrics goes to Ishant for this effort of his.

# Best Singer - Suresh Raina

Very few know about suresh raina's love for music. He is a good singer, and loves entertaining people.

# Best Producer - Vijay Mallya

The owner of RCB in the IPL, surely looks like a producer. With loads of money in the bank, Mr Mallya, tries his hand in everything.
Keep it going sir. We appreciate this effort of yours with this award.

# Best Director - M.S Dhoni

Dhoni surely has his vision, and leads his team from the front. He specifies the role of every player, and manages everything according to plan.
Hence the Best Director.

#  Best Debut Performance- Shikhar Dhavan

Gabbar, as he is fondly called, has made a dashing entry into the Indian Team. With his superb performances, he has surelymade a name for himself.

# Best Picture-India The World Champions 

The Fairytale story of The Indian Cricket Team, which won the 2011 World Cup is undoubtedly the choice for, Best Picture award.

# Lifetime Achievement Award- Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

Where there is cricket, there is Sachin Tendulkar. The person who gave it all for Indian Cricket, is surely the one for this award.