We all have been fans of WWE since childhood, and have surely loved those trademark moves of our favourite wrestlers.
And infact, most of us might have also tried it at home, regardless of that WARNING that pops up in between the telecast which says *DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME*.
Damn, how can we not try that at home??? We are the future WWE stars, aren't we ??
The Rock bottom's, the DDT's, Tombstone's, RKO's and the FU's , we love them all.
The guy in the video, John Weller is a YOUTUBE celebrity and a video game commentator.Weller's channel has over 1,000,000 subscribers, just over 125,000,000 views (as of January 2015).
Joe weller
What made him famous??
His videos that range from public pranks to music videos.
Infact, his recent upload 'Cristiano Ronaldo Picking Up Girls' has over 13.8 million views on youtube.
In the video, you will see Joe Weller, trying out those famous WWE moves on a girl.
Must say : The Girl in the video, is a tough nut to crack !!!!