This is not a documentary, this is not a movie. This is a 'Mirror', a mirror which shows us the true reflection of  people around us.
It is a commendable  effort by Director Leslee Udwin, who has managed to show us the real story of NIRBHAYA.
This documentary shows us, how a section of the people in our country talk and think, how educated but illiterate they are.
It is such people who bring shame to us, to our culture and our NATION by uttering words which are not our's, words which we do not associate with.
It is this ugly mindset that needs to be changed, a mindset which is slowly creeping into everyone.
Before it is too late, we need to educate people about, who we really are, and what is real CULTURE.
The story of  NIRBHAYA, has to be known by each and every Indian and so the ban on this documentary has to be lifted.
As the  title of this documentary states, she is indeed, India's Daughter, A Daughter who united and inspired us.
This documentary will be an eye opener for everyone, will trigger lots of emotions and debates, and in the end, lets just wish that, there will  be a CHANGE , a CHANGE which is a dream of every INDIAN.

# Do watch this documentary before it is taken down.