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To Shri Narendra Modi Ji,
Respected sir,
“My name is Prakash Singh. I am born in one the remotest places in India. My parents are both daily laborers. Let us concentrate more on why I wrote you this letter than on my family. The way I was brought up, women are supposed to be in the kitchen except for the time while she works. She should cook food for the family, take care of the husband and children. Apart from that, she should take care of the household chores and earn money. Whenever her husband calls for her, she should attend for all his needs, including sexual needs at night. My mother has been doing the same for all the time and my sister never comes out of the house except for work.
Not only my mother, but all the women in my village are like this. In our village few incidents have happened where women came out of their houses and were raped by the men. Our village panchayat has declared the women as the culprits and paraded them nude on a donkey and hanged them to the tree. There was also this instance where one of the woman tried dressing up differently and she was set ablaze as ordered by our village head.
Recently, I have come across a documentary which says that men who raped the women are culprits and are about to get death penalty. I have seen the way the women have been dressing up in Delhi and other metro cities. It is shameful and why the hell are you hanging those poor guys just for punishing those women? They deserve that. All my life, I have never been to school, but I follow politics regularly. All our state leaders (I am from UP) have told us that we are correct in our ways and have to treat the women the way they deserve to be. I might not be educated, but the way the things have been all these years, I think that girl “Nirbhaya”, is it?, deserved it. Please leave those poor guys. Also please ask the girls in metro cities not to come out of their houses and behave accordingly.”
Anything different? If a letter is to be written by a man who is born and brought in the remote places of UP, Haryana and many other states, this would be the way he would write it.
Death for the rapist is not the solution for the crime nor is a sympathy march holding placards nor are facebook statuses and videos asking government why they have banned a BBC documentary.
The rapists are not to be blamed either. They have no education, no ethics, no morals, no job, no authority to teach them right from wrong. In all, those guys have nothing to lose.
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The solution is education. When you give someone education, you give them something to lose, you give them respect in the society. You give him ethics and values. You give him morals.
Hope our government realizes this soon. EDUCATION IS THE SOLUTION.
I could go on about how education can in many ways stop harassment of women in our country but those of you who have read it till here already got the idea. Did you not?
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This might be just a 600 word letter, but what I have mentioned is the truth, the truth behind majority of rapes happening in our country.