The Women of today need no introduction, they have created their own identity.
The Women of today don't compete with a Man, they compete with themselves..
The Women of today are emotional yet Strong.
The Women of today, not only believe in their dreams, but also strive to achieve them.
kiran bedi
The Women of today, Live life to the fullest, yet fulfill all their Responsibilities.
The Woman of today, is a Motivation as well as an Inspiration.
indra nooyi
The Women of today, see no boundaries, they are out to reach the sky.
The Women of today, remember the past, lives in the present and plans for the future ..
They say, behind every successful Man, there is a Woman. But i say, " Beside every successful Man, there is a successful Woman."
narayan and sudha murthy
The Video below, is a fitting tribute to the Woman, Womanhood and Women Empowerment
The Song is Sung by Lata Mangeshkar and A.R Rahman, and the beautiful lyrics penned down by Kapil Sibal
Watch the video, and experience the Magic