Indeed!! 'Engineering' is the new substitute for 'B.A.' or 'graduation' perhaps.
And there's those of us who solemnly wish to keep away from the herd. Be a poet, a painter, author, editor, musician, photographer, entrepreneur, sports person, architect, just about anything but engineer!!!
A span into the less taken yet cool-to-sound profession called 'passion' and soon the struggle for a platform, the surging crisis of money and the dearth of parents willing to marry their girls with you begins to infuse in you the regret.... 'Kaash engineer hi ban gaye hote!!! ek naukri aur ek ladki to hoti'.
This awesome rap by The Enthu Cutlets, yet another group of people endeavouring to stand out with their creativity, tells why you ought to be an engineer/techie/doctor to survive. Watch out and share the fun->