Dealing with a break up is never easy, watch what happens after it’s all over.
Trust, Us and a couple other words which spell with ‘YOU’. But what happens after you? What happens when you leave me? What happens once I am all alone? What do I do? Where do you go? Do I chase you? Do you miss me? How do I live alone? How do I get over the feeling of you? Will you call me? Will you answer my call? Should I text you first? Will you reply to my text? Did you block me? You changed your number? What happened? What went wrong? Again, what happens when you leave? What happens when we reach the end? What remains? What remains of me ‘After Us’?
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Everyone faces the harsh betrayal, the agony of a break up, the loneliness and the missing. It is easy to tell someone who faced a break up that they are better off without their ex, or they can now start seeing someone hotter, or that the ex was way out of their league, or the usual “I didn't like him anyway”, you know you do not want to hear any of that.
It may all be true but haven’t they heard in a relationship there is the ‘Reacher’ and the ‘Settler’. But none of this matters once it’s all over. The ‘Reacher’, the ‘Settler’, the ‘League’, none of it matters because none of it exists anymore. Only memories and tears are left behind to hold on to. Even the things you disliked about the other are missed.
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Times goes by, days become weeks and then months, things you always wanted to do are done and crossed of your to do list. You grow more and discover a new side of you, a side which finds itself out and shines out of you. Sure something may hold you back but even the strong fall and make their way out. Your ultimate goal should not be to get over someone but to find someone new, someone new who has been lost in you like forever. When you are all by yourself is the time when you concentrate on yourself and realize how perfect you are in your own shoes.