What to actually do on your prom night….TAKE IT SLOW!!
Close your eyes and float away…the magic of dancing in his arms is all together something else.
Boys watch how to take it slow if the DJ doesn’t play your song.
With the academic year ending and proms and farewells coming up, some are excited to be crowned the prom king and queen, some to show off their dresses and the others for their first kiss. Sure then there must be some others who are excited in the spirit of prom. Prom today is not what it was, today it’s about winning the titles, going rebel and just dressing up. The entire idea of prom being the night with your first dance has gone by. Prom and farewell parties today are like a concert where everyone is dressed to sweat and dance it off. Yes, dance it off but maybe slow down for a while too.
You may call it old school, in fact it is old school, but old school is where it all started. You still go to the photographer in the corner and take a picture to remember that night even though you have a front camera and you know to take the selfie. Similarly taking it slow to dance with the other is altogether to create another memory to cherish.
Loud music is fun! It is cool! But is it more amusing than holding your loved one? Cooler than taking them to the dance floor and matching her step? Loud music is the fun music, but there are times one needs to take it down slow. You ask turn down for what? Well, turn down to hold the beautiful lady in your arm and move alongside her, to face her and to lock eyes with her.