Kiss me..
Close your eyes..
I can feel your lips .. on my fingertips… and happiness in your eyes…Kiss me…..
Remember the popular Cadbury jingle??
Tough Kiss Acrobatics
Kiss, the physical expression of your sentiment, is the touch or pressing of your lips against another person or an object.
Depending on the varied cultural and contextual connotations, a kiss could express sentiments of respect, affection, greeting, love, romance, passion, sexual attraction, sexual activity, sexual arousal, good luck, good bye, peace, friendship among many others.
These are 11 facts about kiss that you may not have known:

1. Origin of the word 'Kiss'

The word ‘kiss’ comes from the English word cyssan meaning to ‘’to kiss’’.

2. Types of Kisses

Spiderman Kiss
There are as many as 20 types of kisses called the the Eskimo kiss, the French kiss, the earlobe kiss, the forehead kiss, the butterfly kiss, the spider-man kiss, the lizzy kiss, the air kiss, the kiss of angel, the kiss of vampire, the tease etc.
Kiss they say is ‘the talk of the soul’ and that’s why variation of each kiss has different meaning.

3. Science behind kissing

Study of kisses is called Philematology. Science claims that the reason why kissing feels so good physically is that our lips are highly sensitive(even more than finger tips) and more tightly packed with nerve endings than entire body.

4. Mysterious History's first kiss ever

Roman Kiss
Vedic Sanskrit scripts appear to have described people kissing around 1500 BC .This however doesn’t mean that Indians were the first to kiss. As writers and artists in the past have considered kissing too private to be described in literature or art.
There are records of kissing in the Roman Empire. Romans have used kiss to greet friends and family members and even came up with three different types of kisses Osculum (kissing on cheeks), Savolium (deep kiss), Basium (kiss on the lips).

5. World's longest kiss

Longest Kiss
The Guinness Book of World Records contains the World’s longest kiss record held with EKKACHAI TIRANARAT & LAKSANA TIRANARAT lasting for about 58 hrs, 35 minutes and 38 seconds.

6. World's Costliest kiss

According to the The Guinness Book of World Record, the world’s costliest kiss was of 50000 US $.
In 2003, John Rimm(USA) paid the sum at the charity auction for the privilege of one kiss with Hollywood actress Sharon Stone. Sharon auctioned kiss for the charity of Los Angeles providing free meal for people with HIV and AIDS.

7. Kissing Phobia

Kissing Phobia
Phobia of kiss is known as Philemaphobia. The mere thought of kiss fills such people with inordinate fear. Some fear of disease, some fear of odours.

8. Kissing may land you in jail

There are countries where showing affection in public is an offence. In Mexico, a professor was arrested for kissing his wife in public. In Saudi Arabia, a man was arrested for hugging in public and sentenced to 30 lashes each, plus imprisonment for 4 months.

9. Animals also kiss

Cats Kissing
Animals have also been found to show affectionate behavior similar to kissing. Chimpanzees have often times been found to demonstrate kissing like behavior after fight. Which is symbolic of reconciliation or restoration of friendly relations post a fight.

10.Health benefits of kissing

Passionate kiss Benefits of kissing
Other than pleasure, kissing is also found to impart several health benefits. It helps regulate blood pressure, relieve you of cramps or headaches, releases happy hormones of serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin, tones facial muscles, burns calories. Also, the anticipation of kiss increases the flow of saliva which acts as plaque dispersing medium and helps fight cavities.

11. International Kissing Day

Did you know something like kissing day also exists? Yes, International Kissing Day was celebrated on July 6 every year in UK. However the day has now been adopted worldwide.

12. Kissing makes you slimmer

Kissing cats
Kiss can help you burn calories may not as much as running a mile but yes, it can sure help lose some calories, according to some reports kissing can help lose around 2-6 calorie a minutes.

13. The famous kiss

Famous kiss
V-J Day in Times Square is a photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt that portrays an American sailor kissing a woman in a white dress on Victory over Japan Day (V-J Day) in Times Square in New York City.
- by Yuvraj Seth
Yuvraj Seth