Astound myself when I came across this video of a simple Pineapple cart guy, cutting the pineapple with ease. It is not only the ease which he has while cutting it but also the calm and simple hand movements. Like seriously!
Amazed right? This man with a help of a simple vegetable cutting knife cuts the top of the pineapple, then goes around it from the inside, turns the pineapple to the other side cuts the tail off, then back to the top and some cuts then again to the rear and boom ! The centre is out with ease, a straight clear cut rectangular piece. Then some cuts horizontally and then the end, the inside of the pineapple falls down in the plastic cover with ease in the perfect shape and the man smiles!
This art is a piece of cake for him, his lively hood depends on these pineapples and they go along with him to be the best and help him make his living out of them.
Confused reading this article? Just watch the video! You will be as amazed as I was.