-by Sulabh Jasrotia
Here it is!!!
The year 2015!!
With the promises it brings along......
1. Techies, no more nirasha...guys.!!
Born out of the mind of our newly elected Prime Minister for bringing economy on track and creating a buzz around industrial diaspora of the country. This might have something exciting for youth too, India produces 1.5 million engineers per year thanks to its demographic dividend and galli nukad colleges yet 70% of them remains unemployed.
IT industry has been major absorber for years still could not contain all of them. “Make In India“ would bring Manufacturing sector to India, would eventually require pool of skilled people creating JOBS.
2. New planet's citizenship.
Many of us dream of world outside earth, after not finding much in space exploration, world's geek geniuses created one alien-world here itself, they did not use any material or space or energy creating it yet they housed 2 billion people.Don't get confused its virtual world of social networking sites, blogging portals, e-shops, whatsaap and its clones that I am talking about. More than half the planet owns mobile phones today, with ever lowering prices thus more people would shed off their solid key nokias to new sleek smartphones, we could see many more friend request coming in 2015, don't feel haunted if your expired grandma sends you a friend request..!!
Internet of things (your car would poke neighboring girls car, why do humans have all the fun) and 4G's (no more buffering) would be things to watch in 2015.
3. Get set for adrenalin rush this year..!!
Amidst of IPL, Football leagues, kabbadi leagues, tennis leagues and 20-20's, there is really something special that 2015 have for you guys its none other than mighty India's all time favorite ICC World Cup. Winning it in 2011, who the son of country won't pray for winning it again. Whosoever wins, Indians don't enjoy more than any other event. All our working professionals there's a circular issued, save your holidays for this festival which not Hindu's ,not Muslim's and not Sikh's but INDIANS celebrate.
4. Honney...in 2015 there's lot of monney.!
After years of stagnation, ever low growth rates, sad investors, what we can expect it in 2015 is a boom that India is capable of making. New, powerful, business driven government in New Delhi have aroused the aspirations of entrepreneurs, business houses and common man alike. Unlocking of potential of India to become the superpower could begin this year. Better living conditions to all, satisfying jobs and safer place for women is what all of us are hoping, but much depends on NAMO.
5. Feeling of humanity and desire for peace.
Not everything is so sweet of the coming year. With ever increasing instability in neighboring Pakistan, powering china, the least we can expect is a major military conflict with these nations. For the world as whole 2014 had many blood-shedding events beginning from Russia’s military conflict with Ukraine, ending with cold blooded killing of 100 plus children in Pakistan. 1914 was a year when we saw first world war where army of different nations fought, today after a century we have drastically reduced the possibility of such wars but a different form has taken its place, killing of innocent children and women who do not even know why the heck they were shot. We can not predict the future yet hope for a safer fear-free year ahead.