Checked the newest dance move trending … that even 80 year olds can't seem to resist attempting?
When you find out you got an A+ in a trick test,
Or when your squad is walking out of school to play some ball,
Or even when you make a goal as your crush walks by…
Just ‘Billy Bounce Dance’ your way, you ask why??? Well, because that’s what the cool kids are doing now days!
Check out the youtube video of the very compelling #BillyBounceDance
First the Dougie, then the Stanky leg, cat daddy, Harlem shake, Shuffling, so many other dance moves which trended and now it’s the Billy Bounce Dance #BillyBounceDance. So many dances to catch up on.
If you still stuck at Gangnam Style, Oh Boy! It’s definitely time to move on, you may have missed two or three dance moves. But hey, they are long gone, learn this new move which has been trending for about a month now.
Superclif a Viner post a vine doing the Billy Bounce Dance along two others and after that there were many who took over to make the dance trend. From kids to old ladies, skinny girls to jumpy boys and even their squads, everyone made this their new dance style, with of course amazing captions to make it more trending.
Well, everyone does not have the swag to dance. Wondering how to dance it off? Well, there is nothing much to it just move your legs with a little more flow inside out! Come on! When old women and babies can do it so can you. Give it a try teach it to yourself and enjoy the song and the dance will come to you by itself. Check the video below on how the video has been trending and Superclif’s response to the trend with a vine.