Bart Baker is a YouTuber with over four million subscribers popularly known for making PARODIES. He collaborates with other YouTbers and Vine stars to make his video. Some of his best Parodies are listed below! Enjoy.
1 Ariana Grande
Love her! Totally!
Check out her popular song “Problem” PRADOY by Bart Baker!
2 Taylor Swift
Her song “Blank Space” threw away her song “Shake it Off” and took over no #1 on the billboards chart! Featuring Nash Grier the top Viner, watch the PARODY of Blank Space!
3 Katy Perry
Remember the song Dark horse? First didn’t like it much, then downloaded it and played it on repeat! Now don’t even know it exists. Remember the video at least? Well watch the PARODY and enjoy.
4 Meghan Trainor
Who doesn’t love her? And her new single “Lips are moving” fun, right? What about the Parody?
5 Nicki Minaj
Anaconda! Remember? Woah! The song went viral and nicki Manaj didn’t know why. Well, we know that she knows why the video went viral, and here is a PARODY all about it.
6 Eminem
“The monster” PARODY is just another level of awesomeness.
7 Jennifer Lopez
The world danced to “BOOTY”, what about the PARODY?
8 Jason Derulo
Like Wisteon in the sitcom New girl? Watch him play Jason Derulo in the PARODY of “Wiggle”.
9 Lorde
“Royals” PARODY! Another must watch!
10 Miley Cyrus
Wreaking Ball, not much to say. Luckily the Parody does all the talking.
11 Justin Bieber
“Boyfriend” a real popular song by Justin Bieber. Well, the song has been turned around!
12 One Direction
Sit in a direction, and watch the PARODY to their “Best Song Ever”.
13 Drake
“Started from middleclass in a wheelchair”? Wait ? “Started from the Bottom”
14 Miley Cyrus
The song which changed a lot of things.