1. Son murders mom over tickets to Avril Lavigne show
In 2008, Robert had an argument with his mom which ended with him smashing a cognac bottle on his mothers head. The 40 year old, yes 40! The 40 year old wanted his mother to get in touch with a friend who would arrange tickets for Avril Lavigne concert, but his mother was not very excited with the idea and refused to ring her friend up. Angry with the situation Robert smashed his mother in the head and then stabbed her nine times when she had fallen unconscious on the floor.
He had definitely had anger management issues which made him turn into a psycho path due to the lack of tickets. Well, he should have just made the puppy face. If you can ask your mom for tickets why not do it professionally like a kid? She would have given in.
2. Photobomb gone wrong!
We love to photobomb others selfie! But real upset when some else photobombs our own selfie.
What is the sensible thing to do? Take another selfie! If the bomber can be cropped life is better! Or just upload it for the fun of it! Wait maybe you should punch the photo bomber! What? Well that’s what these two woman thought should be done. Candice and Vanessa were extremely angry and pissed off when Annie photobombed their picture in front of a club that they beat her up to death! Well, that would have been a chic flick but in the real world they are facing eleven years of prison.
3. Cold Eggs Rampage
Like your eggs hot? What if they are cold? Do you murder someone? Well, there was a mass murder by a man Stanley who was served cold eggs! Bizarre? Extremely! Stanley went on a rampage shooting his wife, daughter and four neighbours. Why? Because the eggs weren’t hot enough!
4. Free Breakfast
15 year old Joshua, was dared by his friends to beat his girlfriend up to death and if he did it his friend would take him out for breakfast!
Friend: Hello
Joshua: Hey, pick me up!
Friend: Why?
Joshua: I need my breakfast, as you promised!
His friends didn’t believe that he would really kill his ex-girlfriend. He kept crying after their break up that he would kill her and they bet on it, and he did it!
5. TV Remote killing
Fighting with your sibling? Daily? Threatening to murder them? Yes. But you don’t mean it. You love them too much to even think of being without them. Well, didn’t seem like it with this 13 year old who murdered his sister for not returning the remote control to him! He shot her! He shot her dead with a hunting rifle! Really?