What is an addiction?
The simple definition would be that it is a condition that appears when a person consumes an ingredient or involves in an activity that can be enjoyable to a limit. However when it turns into a constant use/act it becomes habitual and interferes with the responsibilities, such as work, relationships, or health and causes harm towards one’s life.
Listed below are a few bizarre addictions which are very strange and have a different story each!
1. 38KKK Bust Size
6 packs of soda in each breast! Wait what? Okay that’s in simple terms. Sheyla has spent nearly $250,000 on 22 breast enlargement surgeries.
2. Drinking Your Own Urine
Easier to drink urine than water? Carrie's abnormal addiction is drinking her own urine which she believes will maintain her health.
3. 70 Year Old Man Transforms Into Living Doll
Love dolls? Need a life size doll? But do you know what it really is? Meet a 70 year old "masker," a man who dresses in a rubber suit and mask to look like a life-sized, shapely female doll.
4. Bathing in bleach
Taking a bath is normal, it’s hygienic and a good protocol but a bleach bath? Gloria is so obsessed with bleach that she takes a "bleach" bath every morning.
5.  Drinking paint from markers
It tastes like warn milk she said, with the perfect chemical taste. Heather is addicted to drinking paint. She drinks at a minimum of one paint marker every day. That's close to three gallons of paint since her addiction began.
6.  Adult Carries Pillow Everywhere
When we sleep, we know our pillow is your best friend and the bed the love of our life. But Tamara can't live without the cosiness of her best friend, her pillow!
7. Incredible 19-Foot Fingernails
Jazz considers her 19 feet of fingernails to be her most esteemed possession, her babies you can say, she has been growing them for over 22 year!