Oh! So you can walk on water.                                                                       -by Akshaya Bhat
like really?...
Illusionist or what???
Nothing is impossible. Not even walking on water! With a simple concoction of corn starch and water, you can now create a non-Newtonian fluid you can walk on (a fluid with no viscosity coefficient, if you are looking for a scientific explanation). Fill a pool with and hey, YOU ARE WALKING ON WATER.
What you can do with this pool:
1. Claim to be Jesus.
2. Keep the kids at your party occupied.
Forget play pens and trampolines. The kids get bored easily. Get a novel way to keep the kids entertained. Make a
small non-Newtonian fluid pool and announce a cookie for anyone who can walk on “water.” A chocolate for kids that
can do unique tricks. And a new set of clothes for the kid that sinks!
3. Keep the adults at your party occupied.
Hey who said it is only kids who like to show off? Liven up the mood at the party! Gather around this pool and
try to out-do each other. Act crazy. Laugh heartily at the ones that sink. Often, it is stupid tricks that make
people laugh. You can make everyone at the party forget their worries and troubles for a while. After all,
laughter is the best medicine.
4. Pull out stunts.
The most daring of you can ride your bike on the pool. Do cartwheels. Do belly-flops. Dance as a couple. Be
5. Sink and get sticky stuff on yourself.
Oh well, not everybody can be so fortunate. You might sink and get sticky corn starch on yourself. And spend the
rest of the time stinking/itching and trying to get it off you. Don’t get disheartened then. Sometimes, even corn
starch can get the best of us!