-by Kritika Sehgal
What The S**!
“Namaste ! My name is Mr. Brijesh Kumar and I am a teacher.. What I am about to tell you today is something very important. Something vital to the mental and physical well being of our next generation. I want you to help me ban s** education. Yes, that.
These modern types tell me that I should sit down and talk with my son about s**! Can you believe them?!! My pitaji never did that and never needed to! I and my wife, with the help of god, brought my son into this world. Without all that s**-vex ki baatein!
Why do people even need to talk about it? It’s not something good! Talk of love jihad. It’s an important topic. Even our MP from Bhopal hit the nail on the hammer when he said that frequent sex can drastically reduce a person’s lifespan. That’s what should be told to kids: that it’s a very dangerous thing.
Just the other day I was looking at my son’s science textbook(he’s in 9th class; very good boy, my son) and can you believe what I saw? Diagrams! Of that! Those parts! Can you imagine what will happen when it is taught in class, how it will spoil the minds of all those innocent kids?! And then, today when I was switching channels, in that English channel where everyone shouts and then the anchor whispers, they were discussing pre-marital s**!! What has our country come to? Our culture and our traditions, if followed , make sure that kids come on proper time (with help of Bhagwanji, of course) and there is no tension of AIDS-waids. Another western import.
Why do you think we have so many rapes reported in our country? It’s because of this western culture. If we teach kids about s**(ram ram!) then they will want to practice (not my son though; very studious boy). They will go out in the world, and they will look at those skirt wearing girls and have urges. Yes, my friends! This is what causes rape and molestation and crimes against women. Because we teach wrong things. So stop s** education, stop crime.”
Sigh…the truth is, such people do exist in reality. It’s time we should talk openly about sex education. See. Here. I said it. What’s the big deal about it? Why the hiding and why the awkwardness? Banning sex education in our country is not the solution to stop crime against women. It’s time we take a stand.
7 reasons why sex education is necessary:
1) To understand the body structure man and woman and prepare them for further hormonal changes.
2) To answer the often asked question “papa, mai kaise aaya?”
3) Stop teenagers from exploring the web where they obviously will get more than required.
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4) To spread awareness about Sexually Transmitted Diseases and consequences of unsafe sex among the youth.
5) To differentiate between a good touch and a bad one.
6) To make them understand about moral responsibility and to respect women.
Talking about sex is not a disgrace
Ignorance is!