-by Archita Garg
Gone are the days when nerds were thought of as people with big glasses and tucked in shirts, for now geek is the new sexy. We are as much proud of being admirers of the written word as being totally unrelated with the fashion trends. If you are one, here is a check-list for some of the qualities.
1. You like to read.
You don’t like social gatherings. You’d rather be thoughtful and productive. As Sherlock would put it-“Now get out. I need to go my mind palace. “
2. Puzzles interest you more than gossip and jokes.
3. Your idea of a perfect weekend is slightly different than your friends.
A great book, glasses, coffee, a sloppy bun and a comfy couch is your definition of a perfect day.
4. You do not like to be corrected, especially when you’re right.
5. You correct your friends mentally and you proofread your friends’ literary work.
And, the sight of misspelled signs and billboards spoils your day.
6. You NEVER remember birthdays.
“When was your birthday? I was meaning to call, but…”
7. You are a sucker when it comes to relationships.
Chances are you will give the worst advice possible.
8. You can stay in your room till the end of time.
9. You get into arguments with your teachers all the time.
10. You are an awkward partier and you know it.
Despite all of this, you are sarcastic to the level that people mistake you for being a lunatic.