-by Rupsha Bose
India is a country where the eternal tales of affection of Lord Krishna and Radha, the idols of love, inspire every beloved. But guess what? “What is in the mythology and text books should stay there and never be practised”, tell our elders, the bearers of high moral values and great wisdom.
There is a criminal law against any obscene act in public as it is immoral and unethical. There is even a system of moral policing that prohibits beloveds to kiss, hug or even hold hands in public. But this is just not it; pregnant women have been beaten to death because they did not have accessories to prove that they were married.
It is my body and my right with what I do with it.
1. Can’t hold hands in public?
O Harbingers-of-Morality! Handle your irritable self and get a life. India is free. You too free your minds.
2. My sitting close enough with my beloved in a public place, entitles you to harass us? Just because it stir up your cheap mentality? This park belongs to me too and you don’t own it.
3. Hugging in public not allowed? Well..Is libido the ever lingering thing on your mind? What if my gesture was platonic?
4. Kissing an obscene act?????? Well, our ethnicity bearers do not have an insight to our constitution which clearly pronounces- kissing in public is NOT an obscene act.
5. I am a Christian woman residing in India and we don’t have accessories to prove our marriage. We just have an engagement ring which according to pioneers of morals like you is fake. So you beat me up???
6. For moral protectors like yourselves love is delusionary. But it does run the world. ‘Inter-caste marriages are immoral and against religion’ you say but ‘God is one’ with several manifestations, not the hatred you spread.
7. I am 18+ and if I have the right to vote then I can take my own decisions. Interference is unsolicited.
8. You call me a slut if I am in a living relation with my partner. Who are you btw? 'The self-ordained judiciary'?
We don’t believe in marriage because it doesn’t guarantee holy matrimony with love. We are in love and we shall stay together till we are ready for matrimony.
The notion of moral police and vandalism on Valentine’s Day itself is wrong. Love cannot be described in words. It’s the gesture that we make.
Whatever you say or do, I will kiss, hug, hold hands, travel at night with my male friend and not wear accessories to prove to chauvinists like you that I am married. It is MY BODY AND MY RIGHT.