Moving out? New place? Hostel? No! Just travelling for work?
Well here are some simple Life hacks for you to make your life easier!
When you move out of your house, you are actually leaving your comfort zone and all your luxuries behind. Not everything is available ready just by screaming MOM! You need to get into your own shoes and take life as it comes to you. Listed below are a few life changing hacks which will help you live simple while you are away from home!
1. Dirty laundry and cannot get rid of the smell? Toss a bar of soap in the baggage along with the dirty laundry. Let the soap work its magic.
2. At home no matter how many alarms you put, your mother was your life safer to wake you up. Now what? Here is what you can do, set your alarm and put it in a glass or mug! Morning when it rings it will be loud, and annoying enough to wake you up! Go ahead try it out.
3. If you are travelling and forget your shoe polish and have to attend an important meeting in a few hours, use the body lotion you are carrying or the one which the hotel provides and make your shoes shiny as ever.
4. Back from the beach and some shopping during your travel days and left with stinky jeans? Well, fold them up…go on fold them up, seal them in a zip pouch and toss them in the freezer overnight.
5. Never folded a t shirt at home because mom was there? Learn to fold it in three step before it’s too late.
6. Spilled tea during work? Don’t worry, put some hair spray and it will all be gone!
7. Need to unclog toilet and no plunger? Spill some hot water and salt mixture into it and give it a few minutes…
8. This is a superpower one, return back late and its pity dark in your suite? Well, before entering close one eye in the area with light so that when you enter the dark you will be able to see with the eye you closed.
9. Not able to sleep? Write your thoughts down it will clear your head and help you sleep better, and we know this since our childhood once you get near stationary sleep is on its way!
10. Need to pack batteries and don’t know if you can rely on the ones at home, drop them from a height of 6 inches and if they bounce ones they are good to go, and any more they are dead or close to death!