Wanna dare??
Check out the 5 scariest videos ever that won't let you sleep this night!!!
5 Spooky rendition of Pretty Woman by Muscare
You will find the lip synched rendition of Pretty Woman by this old fellow creepy enough. However, further acquaintance with the truth that he was a registered sex offender will add to your fear immensely.
4 The young woman's stare that'll haunt you forever
The woman's gaze runs a chill down your spine and enters right into your soul.This scary one minute video was intended to be watched repeatedly in loop until one was forced to close it reflexively.The challenge being the number of times one could watch it.
3 The evil laugh of this baby doll
This original commercial video of Remco's 'baby laugh a lot' doll filled the viewer kids with mortal fear.
2 Bedfellows: Do you know who’s sleeping next to you
The mere thought of this short horror flick will keep you awake for nights if you happen to share your bed with your spouse or siblings.
1 Demon Short Film- Don't Move
The short film unravels what happens when a group of youngsters call out to the underworld through Ouija boards. What answers is a shadow-cloaked ghost demon who wishes to play a game of “Red Light, Green Light,” but the penalty for losing is horrific evisceration or face removal.