-by Rupsha Bose
The world today is suffering from  identity crisis now. Being a youngster with an unconventional point of view is difficult. As once  we step out of the laid norms, we are hurled abuses at and deemed more or less unacceptable.
However, seeking individuality and standing tall for one's belief  ain't any harm.
1. Punk music
Well this is fun. This is basically a kind of music genre that shouts out loud in the face of the old and the diminishing authority. Punk music was developed in the USA, UK and Australia and it was termed as punk because of its origin from garage. Its lyrics are rebellious and against the norms of the society. It is basically political and questions the authority breaking all rules and barriers of shame. It is associated with the youth revolution and slowly became a culture. So it’s good to be a punk and not be a conformist.
2. Goth culture
This culture is an offshoot of the post-punk genre. Its motto is being hardcore and rebel. It has associated tastes in music, aesthetics and fashion. The gothic way of dressing is the most rebellious form of attire. The gothic music questions the highest authority directly and rebels against the existence of God. Dark ghostly makeup and hair is its main attraction. Try it once.
3. Insurgent tattoos
Tattoos are something that speak a thousand words without us even uttering one. Rebellious and different tattoos are the best way to express your insanity and denial of the chauvinist way of the society.
4. Black
Want to rebel out loud and protest? Wear black and go out. Whatever you want to say will come out thunderous. Black is the 'in' colour. Even a black flag or a black picture shows that you protest and do not accept the nonsense.
5. Emo
A genre of punk music that originated in the mid 1980’s. This style of music is very expressive and is often confessional.
6. Writing insanely different
We all know that a pen is mightier than a sword. So if you want people to hear you, write your words out loud. You will be heard.