-by Pavan Dubey

We all have been there. Heart pounding, cheeks and ears glowing red, elevated breath, and brain – utterly blank; but focused. No I’m not talking about facing an interview and definitely not about sex.

It’s the adrenaline pumping through your veins. You feel bigger than the universe itself.

Proposing to your crush, telling your boss to 'Shut the fuck up' , pumping muscles, getting high; these are mild shots of adrenaline that incites the animal only for a minute or two.


But there are some outrageous people who aren’t content with conventions. They want to experience colossal amount of these chemical and hence define new limits to achieve them, and those limits are far from what layman may abbreviate as ‘LEGAL.’

Below we present you with 8 best of all insanities that might accelerate your beats. Buckle up for your seats and get ready for your SHOTS!

1] Learning to do Yoga? Well, check mine first.


2] Me, afraid of heights? Are you kidding!


3] Tired of ridding a bicycle in a sensible manner? Let's go nuts, then.

4] Want to fly without buying ticket? Get these wings and kiss the ground.

5] Fed up hanging in sky with Parachute! Let's Burn this shit down.

6] Getting tied with Bungee Rope, sucks! , why not tie a Formula 1 race car and jump.

7] I don't want to be just a Man, I want to be a Spiderman.

8] Let's be monkey. A mega rooftop jump

How was you ride? Enjoyed it! Great. But hey, remember you and me are decent and sophisticated - office-going people. Those people you saw in there have spent their life doing those things and really don't care much about getting a promotion or salary raise. So use your head and DO NOT TRY THIS.