Smartphone apps
So you just spent some big bucks to get that latest 5” touch screen smartphone, and suddenly after a few weeks you get the feeling …… “Gosh! I wish I could be like those guys in the commercials who seem to get all their work done using just their phones”.
Have no fear dear reader, for your friends here at Rawread have got your back.
1. Clean Master
Android devices have a notorious reputation of slowing down whenever you install a few 3rd party apps / games or try to do too many things at once. Here’s when Clean Master comes to the rescue, this highly rated app closes unnecessary background processes and frees up the RAM for a lag free experience. It also deletes junk files to release space.
> Clean Master (Speed Booster) on Google Play
2. AVG Antivirus
So you might have an antivirus for your PC, but what about your phone? Being connected 24x7 it runs a risk of being infected just like your PC.  AVG Antivirus is a free antivirus app for Android. It is free and gives you many features to secure your Android phone from viruses, malwares and threats. By enabling the Find/Locate Option, you can easily secure your Phone from theft. It connects to Google Maps and shares the location of the phone. Cool huh?
> AVG AntiVirus Security - FREE on Google Play
3. Viber
Many of you might already be enjoying this fun and innovative messenger app. But what makes it stand out from the crowd is that it features FREE calling over an Internet connection to any other Viber user. Another great feature is that its cross-platform, meaning it works just the same on PC, Android, iOS, Windows etc. Thus letting you stay connected always and not worry about increasing call rates.
> Get Viber
4. GO Backup
Whenever you change your phone or format your phone accidentally or otherwise, getting back your data and settings means hours of sifting through menus, not any more.  Go Backup is an all-in-one app that backs up your data. It can backup your phone contacts, messages, call log, and also the applications installed with app data to your SD Card. You can restore full backup or select what to restore manually.
> GO Backup on Google Play
5. Camera ZOOM FX
The stock android camera app might seem sterile for some of us photography enthusiasts. The solution? Camera ZOOM FX! It supports time lapse shots, customizing your hardware buttons to perform camera functions, and a horizontal level indicator, on top of the standard suite of photo editing and sharing features. Helping you take full advantage of that 5, 8, 10 or ever 13 MP camera.
> Camera Zoom FX on Google Play
6. OliveOffice
We all gotta work right? But sitting at the desk might not be everyone’s cuppa tea, for those always on the go. Olive Office Premium is a free Android App that lets you view and edit documents like Word, PPT, XLS files and you can also read PDF files on it. Most other apps of this category are premium apps even though they offer generally the same features.
> OliveOffice Premium on Google Play
7. SwiftKey
If you feel the stock keyboard is slowing you down, just try SwiftKey Keyboard. It’s is a free keyboard app that learns from you, delivering the best next-word prediction, smarter autocorrect, support for over 800 emoji (emoticons) for fast SMS, chat, text and email, becoming the default across all your apps. It’s packed full of customization features including over 30 colorful themes, layouts for all screen sizes and devices, and supports over 80 languages
> Get SwitKey
8. ES File Explorer
Android doesn't come with a built in file explorer like desktop operating systems do, but ES File Explorer more than picks up the slack. It can explore your SD card or internal storage, access your files via FTP, or even manage your Dropbox files in the same app. It even comes with a built in app manager, so you can install, uninstall, and backup apps. Some features may require root, but it's useful for everyone.
> ES File Explorer on Google Play
9. AirDroid
Having a full-fledged PC at your disposal makes fiddling around to organize your Android phone seem quite silly.  AirDroid is a device management software that you install on both your PC or Mac and as an app on your smartphone. So long as both devices are on the same network, AirDroid allows for some pretty handy functionality, including (but not limited to): file transfer, texting, media management, and more.
> AirDroid on Google Play
10. GO Launcher EX
For some of us our phones are an extension of our personalities, so whoever you are your phone must reflect it. But the stock android doesn’t allow anything except changing the wallpaper. For this you need GO Launcher EX. It is a popular home screen alternative app. That's straightforward and runs fast even on low-end Android gadgets. It's also one of the few home screen apps that follow auto-rotation, comes with icon pop up menu, folder and task manager in app drawer, as well as scrollable and resizable widgets and gesture support
> Go Launcher EX on Google Play