Kolkata- the city of joy! It breathes, voices her soul and beats through the hearts of her people. When in Kolkata, one would definitely visit places such as Victoria Memorial, Birla Planetarium, Botanical Gardens, Science City and Nico Park. But the eye of a youth experiences a city in a very different way. It seeks adventure, mystery, realistic yarns and a spirit that breaks all rules. It loves the streets and the artistic ethos more than the aristocratic buildings.
See like you have never seen it before..
1. The night view of the two wonder bridges of Kolkata- The first sight you make while entering Kolkata is of the two bridges, Howrah Bridge and Vidyasagar Setu. The beauty lies not in seeing them but seeing them in the the night light. The shimmering light reflecting on the Ganga and the shadows of the bridges on water leaves all awestricken.
2. The Kolkata tram- Once in Kolkata, if you're still oblivious to the fact that streets are run over by the sexy trams, then buck up on your info levels. The Kolkata electric tram is one heritage of the city that still survives but in scanty. The shiny lines that run the streets give a relic essence of the old Kolkata we heard of in stories.
3. The double floor bus- This bus rarely makes an appearance these days but the city still is the proud host of the double floor bus. It hustles  through the city with its airy second floor and also renders a glamorous view of the city.
4. The hand pulled rickshaw- The best way to get a feel of the pre-independence India is to take a ride of this beauty. A reflection of the struggling India, this mode of transport portrays how men struggled to earn a living.
5. Satyajit Ray Theatre-For all the theatre and art loving people, this place is worth a  view. It's said to be the Globe Theatre of India where ideas come to life. Aspiring artists should never miss any chance to peek a boo in here.
6. National Library- A book freak? Then this place is meant for you. This heritage building boasts of treasuring some rare manuscripts and books one would die for. The smell of yellow pages and the dust in the binded books is heaven for all book lovers. It is also said to be haunted!!!!!
7. Indian Museum- This building piles the archaeological and glorious past of India. History comes alive when stepping here and imagination meets reality.
8. Hastings house- Talking about haunted; if one is looking for adventure and mystery then this is the place. Rumoured to be haunted, this place is one of the best places advised to get your spines chilling.
9. Diamond Harbour- The port of Kolkata gives an enigmatic view of the Bay of Bengal. The sun rise and sunset and the blare of the ships just takes it all away. Don’t just visit it, feel it.
10. Kumartuli- Talking about culture, this city tops the chart. Famous for its eye striking Durga Puja, Kolkata has a different air of religious satisfaction. Even if you are an atheist, do visit this place where faith takes shape. The dedication that the artists display is exemplary.
11. College street coffee house- Let’s move on to a student’s life. What do they need? Friends, books or magazines, a place to hang out, discuss and a cup of coffee. Well then this is certainly the place.This educational street is also a mob for the youth to explore its ways.
12. Park street night life- After all the art, culture and education, the thing left to do is burn the dance floor and fill empty stomachs. Well then this is certainly the place to go wild. This street gives an essence of the old British city in the morning with the paved roads, street lamps and benches but the nights are always on fire. The pubs and clubs here are famous all over India. Wouldn’t want to miss it.
So, from the black and white British Kolkata to the capital of art and culture, it is beauty exemplified everywhere. This city shows different colours all the way. But it is the way one perceives it. If one welcomes it with open arms, he gets that back and even more. See it the way a little child does. Question everything and love what exists. Feel the music and the soul shall seek peace forever. “Amar Kolkata” they say it is.