9 Colour your lips bright
Image: Bright colored lips

We all have days when we don't feel or look vibrant enough to rock photogenically.
A pop of bright red or orchid pink colour to your lips will give you the required lift. Rosy hue to cheeks will also add greatly!!

8 Straighten your neck, make it look longer
Image: Straighten your nect

A longer neck reflects your poise, makes your jawline look more chiselled and besides making you look thinner, hides any possibilities of your double chin from exposure.
Stretch your neck gently pushing your shoulders back and down. You may feel ridiculous but you bet, the trick does work.

7 Choose a contrasting background

Image: Contrasting Background
A cluttered or unexciting background can make your photo look gloomy altogether.So ditch the drab!!
Choose a vibrant or serene background which is contrasting to your hair and clothes.

6 Hide the flab

Image: Hide flab
Well..this is one hell of a trick you could vouch for. Hold your arms slightly away from the trunk and lo! You get that perfect skinny arm.
Likewise, stretch your leg and hold it at an angle with your body, keeping it slightly away from the torso to make your calf muscles look thinner.

5 Engage with an object
Image: Engage

A straight gaze into the camera and awkward hand positions often makes you look conscious and made up. To add to the spontaneity of the moment captured, engage yourself with something. For example, you could hold a beverage, tug your necklace or rest your hands in your pockets or on hips.
4 Know your angle

Image: Know your angle

Well..yes, you are very beautiful. But still you have that 'good side', the angle which makes you look best on film.
In case you haven't found it yet, stand in front of the mirror and take notice by practising different facial positioning. Once discovered, use your tool to your advantage.

3 Pose!!
Image: Pose

When standing, crossing your legs at the calf makes your legs look longer and hips narrower.While crossing your legs at heels earns you the most flattering look.
You could look up onto the sky while holding your neck at an angle with your trunk while resting your hand on your waist and extending your hip slightly far from torso. You could use all your creativity here.

2 Align yourself right with the source of light
Image: Align with light source

This is but the most important mantra. Always ensure there is plenty of light on the object. Position yourself such as to face the source of light. This will help highlight the planes of your face and bring life and warmth to your pictures.

1 Say Cheese!!
Image: Laugh

Laughter, even if fake, will add an ambience of happiness to the picture, how it's meant to be.
Laughter leads to lit up eyes , lifted cheek bones and life of the picture.
Usually, you are taking photos not for now, but for the times you reflect on them later. You will definitely not remember how ridiculous you felt, you'll only notice how brilliant you look.